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Loosen The Bible Belt

Jun 25, 2020

This week, we have a pod-swap episode with The Sacred Collective, another show that our engineer/co-producer Caleb works on, from his network, Post-Christian Podcasting.

In this episode of The Sacred Collective:

Brien checks in with friend-of-the-show, one of his closest personal friends, Rev. Dr. Scotty Williams, about the recent issues surrounding the civil unrest in America, following George Floyd's murder in Minneapolis.

Scotty is a voice of great insight on this topic--born in Louisiana; raised in the Twin Cities; and now Reverend of All Souls Swiss Reformed Church in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The Sacred Collective and Post-Christian Podcasting is beyond blessed to be able to provide a platform for important, excellent, patient, and insightful voices like Scotty's at this time.